Project Description

Basic Financial Management Skills

This course is designed to introduce Basic Financial skills & Introduce to financial accounting principles.

The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To learn about Basic accounting terms and equations

  • To learn about Accounting cycles or Accounting Procedures

  • To apply basic Financial work with financial statements such as balance sheet, profit & loss, cash book etc.

Targeted Learners – Farmers, Producers, Processors and any Coffee SMEs who wants to start to learn about financial accounting skills


Daw Thida Kyaw

As a teaching professional, Thida Kyaw has several years of experience in education industry and served as a Tutor, Assistant Lecturer & Lecturer at Department of Commerce, Yangon University of Economics. Thida is also teaching as a Lecturer at PS Business School and Myanmar Imperial College (MIU).

Thida has mainly teaching in subjects such as General Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing. And she has attended several professional development workshops and trainings throughout her teaching career.

Thida holds M.Com (Accounting) from Yangon University of Economics.

Daw Thida Kyaw


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