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Successful Café Operation Principles

Do you know that Six to Seven cafes out of Ten do not survive beyond a year and another Two out of the Three-Four cafes from that prior year never make it pass the Second year? Many a times cafe operators may run it as a hobby and ‘passion project’ and/or do not possess the necessary grasp of the necessary proficiency and systems-in-place to execute on a day to day basis. In this ‘Coffee Excellence’ episode of ‘Cafe Success Principles’, we take you through our learnings and observations over the last 7 years of running EASY Specialty Coffee.

This course is designed for those who wants to run a Café, coffee shop successfully.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What constitutes a cafe

  • 3 fundamental and (often) overlooked principles to operating one successfully

  • Tools and methodology to chart a path towards winning

  • My mistakes and leanings from it


Javier Phua Jun Xin, Singaporean
Co-Founder of EASY Specialty Coffee & Gentleman Coffee Roasters |

Green Buyer | Head Roaster | Q Arabica Grader | Q Processing Level 2 Professional

Javier is the co-founder of EASY Specialty Coffee and Gentleman Coffee Roasters based in Myanmar, an award-winning café receiving multiple accolades over the years including ‘Best Cafe’ by Myanmore. EASY Specialty Coffee was also listed as the top 14 Best Coffee Shops in Asia in 2019 by the Big 7 Travel Guide.

With a passion for developing an appreciation of Specialty Coffee amongst consumers, elevating the ‘Quality- Price’ equilibrium
achieved by producers, and supporting collaborative work across the value chain, advocating coffee education is a major focus in his pursuit.

A Q Arabica Grader and Q Level 2 Processing Professional, Javier has judged in numerous coffee harvest competitions and barista
competitions in Myanmar. He was also a judge in ASEAN’s very first ACID ASEAN Coffee Brewers Cup held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2019.

Javier Phua Jun Xin

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