Project Description

Staying Healthy Drinking Coffee

This course is designed to introduce about coffee origins for coffee lovers and mainly to explain about coffee & wellness (Nutritional factors) for those healthy oriented producers as today consumers are pursuing healthy trend.

Learning Outcome:

  • History of Coffee Origins

  • Commodity versus Specialty Coffee

  • Process Steps in Coffee Supply Chain

  • Is Coffee good for health?

  • Coffee and health benefits

  • Production of Coffee Value Chain

  • Nutritional Information of Coffee and Chemical Composition

  • Caffeine in your Cup

  • Arabica vs Robusta

  • Influence of the temperature of hot beverages

Designed for – All Coffee producers who wants to create healthy coffee and coffee lovers.


Daw Thuzar Myint

Thuzar Myint is a Food Enginner and owner of Shwe Yin Mar Coffee Production, which was founded in 1980 by her father.

And also set up another business: Nature’s Own Fruit Preservation with her friends not only for business purpose but also local growers’ advantage. For Coffee Industry, She started working in Family Business for quality assurance and technical assistance in Green Bean production and roasting, and she tried to upgrade the roasted coffee bean quality.

Thuzar holds B.E Chemical and Diploma in Food Technology and a core member of FOSTA.

She has been contributing to Coffee Industry as a judge to coffee competitions and serving as a speaker/trainer and food consultant for many years.

Daw Thuzar Myint

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