Project Description

Essential Supervisory Skills

This course is designed to offer know-how the functions of Supervision, Key Reasons For Supervisory Success & Challenges for Supervisors

The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To offer common Supervisory Planning Activities & Quality and the Supervisor

  • To understand about the skills required by a supervisor and to plan well to achieve for organization’s goals

Targeted Learners – Supervisors from coffee value chain


U Ye Myint

Ye Myint  has around 50 years of working experience in government sector, NGO and Companies.

Ye Myint was served as a Principal at Central Cooperative College at public sector for many years and later on, serving as a Business Consultant for several private organizations.

In the pen name of Ye Myint (Entrepreneurship), write articles on business in  magazines and journels such as HR Journel, Opportunity Journel and CEO and B2B magazines. Ye Myint also published series of management and entrepreneurship related books.He holds B.Com (Industry & Trade) (Yangon University of Economics), C.C.M (Louisiana State University, U.S.A) and M.Sc (Economics) (Ohio State University, U.S.A).

U Ye Myint

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