Project Description

Communication and Teamwork

This course is designed to deliver the importance of communication in a team for effective operation and how we should work as a team in an organization.

The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To understand the important of communication skills in engaging with internal and external stakeholders to practice more effective discussion in an organization.

  • To work as a team in an organization to create better atmosphere

Targeted Learners – All Coffee Value Chain Businesses’ Managers, supervisors & employees


Daw Lei Lei Win Than

Lei Lei Win Than is an Admin Director and Co-founder of PS Business School, mainly taking the responsibilities of having smooth administration of teaching and learning environment for ABE Business Management diploma and Higher National diploma courses. Along with this, Lei also led ASEAN Future Leaders Summit program which was coordinated by PS Business School in Myanmar mainly for Myanmar youth development.

She is also a Certified Master Trainer of SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business of ILO) and Licensed Trainer of CEFE International (Germany). Then she has conducted entrepreneurial trainings for SMEs in community level. Besides, she is a lecturer of Business Communication to Business Management students.  She gives corporate trainings on business communication skills to partner organizations.

Lei holds Master of Arts in English degree.

Daw Lei Lei Win Than

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