Project Description

Coffee Grading Standards and Exporting (Green Grading, Cupping and Exporting Myanmar Coffee)


This course is mainly to know about our Coffee standards – Green Grading and Cupping scores.And then the exporting processes for those who wants to learn about coffee exporting to international market.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Coffee Production Process

  • The importance of Quality control

  • Green Grading and Cupping

  • Exporting Process

Designed for- All Coffee Farmers, Producers, Coffee Traders and Potential Exporters.


Daw Su Su Aung

Su Su Aung is the founder of Amayar Coffee Brand which is founded Ywangan region, Shan State at 2016.In 2015, she joined the coffee processing training in Ywangan run by the Winrock International’s Value Chains for Real Development Project under USAID and Winrock International Coffee Specialists encourage Su to process speciality coffee. Through USAID’s Inkind Grant, Su received coffee mills and a generator.

Su attended several ASEAN coffee workshops and went to Vietnam, Thailand and India to join Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo and World of Coffee Expo etc.

Speciality Coffee Sales of Amayar is going to export market as well as domestic market.

Her aim was more than running a successful business. Rather, she thought about enriching and empowering the lives of women in her village.

Su Su Aung holds B.Sc (Chemistry).

Daw Su Su Aung

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