Project Description

Coffee Plantation Management/Plant Health

This course is recommended for the farmers who used the traditional method in growing coffee. Need to practice the sustainable method in growing coffee.

The learning outcomes are as follow;

  • To know how to manage in the coffee farm such as weed control, fertilizer application, shade management.

  • To understand how to control pests and disease in the coffee farm

  • To know how to prune coffee tree to be sustainable


U Khun Kyaw Min Htike

Khun Kyaw Min Hitke has several years of experience as an Agronomist and Coffee Plantation Trainer and Adviser for Coffee farmers Cluster mainly in Ho Pone Region, Shan State. Khun has served as Program Officer at Winrock International, Coffee Extensionist at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Field Officer at Link Emergency Aid & Development and Agronomist at Link Emergency Aid & Development. Khun is serving a lot for Coffee farmers development – mainly for ethnic farmers by offering seasoned on-demand assistances for their firms advisory.

Khun Kyaw Min Htike holds B.Agr.Sc (Plant Pathology) from Yezin Agricultural University.

U Khun Kyaw Min Htike

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