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Myanmar Coffee Academy is set up as a social enterprise by PS Business School with the main aim to provide Coffee Education for all value chain stakeholders and mainly to access coffee trainings and knowledge by coffee farmers and producers from remote area who are playing a major role in coffee value chain. Myanmar Coffee Academy has been developed with the initial support by GIZ Myanmar & Myanmar Coffee Association.

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Greater flexibility

Myanmar Coffee Academy offers greater flexibility, accommodating your needs perfectly. We allow learners to enjoy a self-paced training schedule according to their own time.

Lesser Learning Times

Numerous studies have found that learning times can reduced between 40% and 60% when compared with traditional classroom learning if e-learning solutions are offered. 

24-Hour Access

You can easily access the course content at anytime. The only thing needed is a connection to the internet in order to be able to gain access to the course content, contact tutors, and do exams.

Lesser Cost

Because learning time and resources are reduced, e-learning is the more cost-effective alternative. Learning through this mode is fast and easy, so naturally a decrease in expenses occurs.

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